Web Based Word Game | Wordle

Web Based Word Game | Wordle

Wordle is a popular word-guessing game that involves trying to guess a five-letter word in a limited number of guesses. Each round, the game randomly selects a five-letter word that the player must guess. The player has six attempts to guess the word, and after each guess, the game provides feedback to the player, indicating how many letters in the guessed word match the target word and in what positions.

The player can use the feedback to refine their guess and improve their chances of guessing the word correctly. The game doesn't provide any explicit hints, so players must rely on their own knowledge of words and their intuition to guess the correct word.

Wordle has become popular due to its simplicity and addictive gameplay, as well as its accessibility through web browsers. The game has also generated interest because of its minimalist design and lack of ads or other distractions. Wordle has been described as a relaxing and satisfying game that can be played in short sessions, making it a great way to pass the time or unwind.

Who Created Wordle game?

The creator of Wordle is Josh Wardle, a software developer who lives in New York City. Wardle created Wordle as a personal project in his spare time and released it online in November 2020. He initially shared the game with a small group of friends and family, but it quickly gained popularity through word of mouth and social media.

Wardle  has stated that he created Wordle as a way to challenge himself and experiment with new programming techniques. He designed the game to be simple and accessible, with the goal of providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience for players.

Despite its popularity, Wardle has not monetized Wordle and has stated that he has no plans to do so in the future. Instead, he has encouraged players to donate to charities that support causes such as education and climate change. Wardle's approach to creating and sharing Wordle has earned him praise for his generosity and commitment to creating games that prioritize user experience over profit.

Wordle Acquisition by New York Times

On January 2022 the New York Times shared the news that it had acquired the popular game Wordle. It was estimated the price was around $1m. Wordle was then added to the suite of games under the New York Times portal (which includes the popular NYT Crossword Puzzle, Spelling Bee and many other fun games). As of today, the game is still free to play however you need a paid subscription to access other games.

Wordle Alternatives 

After the Wordle craze, thousands of spinoffs were created from developers around the world. We are listing below some of the most popular alternatives that our visitors have recommended