Be Organized and Just Do Your Job! | Sort It 3D

Be Organized and Just Do Your Job! | Sort It 3D

Sort It 3D is what some may consider therapy. This game probably has the simplest of concepts. Your task is to, quite literally, just sort these colored balls into containers. Yellow goes with yellow, blue goes with blue, etc. 

It feels almost like a real life simulation. You can only move one ball at the time, from top to bottom order. As you play through the levels, there are more balls to move and containers to fill, but the objective stays the same. 

Game Review 

I’ll admit that this game is quite satisfying in the beginning. However, it’s endless and starts to get quite tedious after a while (for me at least). The concept remains the same, which can be quite engaging for others. Personally, I have quite a short attention span so this ended up being a little boring for me.

Before downloading this game, I made sure to look at the description of the product. This is something I can’t argue with, as the objective is to literally sort these balls, with 3D graphics coming along as a bonus. As someone said in the reviews: “Um, this kind of feels like work.” 

There isn’t really much to say about this game. It is very self-explanatory and the gameplay is so simple! I’m not entirely sure what type of audience would find this interesting, but I’m sure many people will enjoy the simplicity. 

I will be honest. This game does get quite challenging after 

a few levels, as you need to think more about how to 

re-arrange all these balls. You’ll need to be somewhat 

strategic and plan ahead. Furthermore, I think the simple 

color scheme and overall design of Sort it 3D really helps 

with making it more engaging. The interface is also 

quite clean and easy to use, with nice overlays + 

backgrounds, so that’s another bonus! 

One small thing that bugs me are the advertisements. Of 

course, I understand that since this is a free game, there 

needs to be some sort of monetization to help keep it up 

and running. This is just a small nitpick though, as simply 

turning your phone to Airplane mode will stop any pop-ups 

or advertisements from showing up… Fun fact: This 

applies to all offline games! 


Overall, I think that Sort it 3D may start off as really fun, but will definitely become quite boring after a while for some people. There isn’t really much strategy or mechanics to cover in this review. However, the 3D physics are fun to watch and play around with! 

Sort it 3D is available on Apple and Android devices.